Create 3D Export Views Automatically from a Control File

Large projects typically have a standardised method of breaking up the large model into smaller models for coordination.

Usually, there will be a 3D view for each sector or level, and these are exported to some environment like Navisworks or Glue.

This Dynamo script provides a quick way of creating those views in your own model from a control file.

A sample control file is included.

Here is the script:

Here is the control file sample:

How To Use

Here is a high level overview of initial steps required to get the coordination and model viewing framework under way:

  1. Link the control file and follow the steps in the Revit Control Model workflow document (acquire coordinates, copy/monitor Grids and Levels)

  2. Create your 3D Export views in Revit (using the Script)

  3. Export views to individual NWCs (Shared Coordinates, By View)

  4. Upload to desired sharing platform


For step 2:

Please see attached Dynamo script. You will need to first install Dynamo 1.3.3 if you don't have it already. You may find it under the Manage tab in Revit. Follow these steps (this relates to step 2 above):

  1. Open your model

  2. Open a 3D view

  3. Start Dynamo

  4. Open the attached script

  5. First, use the 'Select' button to select the Control model link

  6. Second, type in your discipline abbreviation (letters only, no dash)

  7. Third, press Run button

  8. Your 3D views should now be created

  9. Close Dynamo

  10. Save your Revit model / Sync with Central

  11. Recommended: Apply a view template to the 3D export views, ensure control model and other links are hidden

This script automatically creates 3D views with extents that match a control file

This script automatically creates 3D views with extents that match a control file

Luke Johnson