Design and Construction Technology

Virtual Built was founded by Michael in 2012, initially supporting project teams with BIM Management, coordination and clash detection.

Virtual Built has provided many other services over the years, often running training sessions, auditing models and projects, and providing technical assistance.

As the project participants skills have risen, Virtual Built now provides high level strategic advice, implementation, and advanced technical assistance.

Virtual Built works with designers, builders, contractors and owners.

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Who are we?

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Michael Clothier

Director - Content and Visualisation

(+61) 418 862 001

Where can you find us?

The simple answer is “online” since we work remotely on all of our projects.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting, we can meet (Virtually) face to face via Zoom meetings

but otherwise, we’re here and here.

We work remotely on most of our projects

Virtual Built Partners