More of what we do



Planning ahead is critical to the success of any project, and BIM is no different. We work with your team to define how the project is going to be delivered, what the BIM deliverables and requirements are, and guide the coordination of the project teams. We ensure that each team member understands what is expected of them, assisting the procurement process, design, construction and handover of the building. 


Virtual Built will work with your design team to model, document and visualise your designs. Multi-discipline modelling, Prefabrication assemblies, visualisation, rendering and animations. 

Multidisciplinary Coordination and resolution

Virtual Built has developed a proven process to achieve project coordination across multiple models and disciplines. Coordination in a BIM environment involves more than just clash detection; we run coordination meetings, we use cloud computing, we author detailed modelling programs, clash detection and coordination reports. Virtual Built are focused on Issue Tracking and Clash Resolution.

Construction and Logistics

Virtual Built uses the BIM to assists the construction team optimize and plan construction and site logistics. By modelling construction elements such as hoarding, cranes, site huts, loading zones etc. the construction team can simulate, identify risks, potential conflicts and safety issues that might arise during the construction. 


Reports, Audits, Analytics and Statistics

Virtual Built uses a number of different tools that help us manage the health, 
quality and performance of our BIM projects. Vital information and reports   
issued regularly to our clients and teams help keep the project on track, teams
collaborative, and BIM a success.


Virtual Built has developed its own set of custom BIM management tools         
inhouse, which enable us leverage Revit model content and report on it quickly. 
We call these rTOOLS. They include: 
rMATE (Model tool Audit Tool Extreme) audits a Revit model on any number of
key criteria specified (often outlined in the BIM Management Plan).  
rSYS (System) is a powerful reporting tool that can be used to determine system
extent; track performance, scope creep and content over time; and helps to
highlight omissions and errors within the model. 
rMAN (Model Management) assists discipline leaders and model managers
maintain efficient and clean Revit files. Ultimately, good clean models and     
consistent data equal efficient successful BIM projects.