Virtual Reality

Building Information Modelling has brought a significant amount of disruption to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, that has challenged the way we deliver projects. The industry has shifted from 2D documents into 3D spaces, from lines on paper to information rich objects.

How we engage with the design of a building has fundamentally changed in the last few years - we now want you to experience that design!

Not just print out the drawings, not just spin the model around on a screen, but we want you to experience it, to walk around and through it, to reach out and touch it.

How we experience and engage with the design of a building has fundamentally changed

Some people are fortunate enough to be able to conceive and visualize a design in their mind, but the reality is that many people cannot. What does 35m2 look like? What does a 3x3m room look like? What can I access from here? The thing is, even if you provide a drawing, you cannot experience a drawing, in fact you cannot experience renderings or even animations - because you're simply not actually in there.

Virtual reality finally makes it all possible. We believe that within 2 years, all major design projects will be reviewed by the client in Virtual Reality. VR as a service provided by Virtual Built.

Contact us when you also want to experience your design, impress your clients, or simply want to validate your work.